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  • ph Marco Brescia e Rudy Amisano   teatro alla Scala  (2)
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Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 29 October to 18 November 2020
Adolphe Adam

Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company and Orchestra

Teatro alla Scala Production

Choreography Jean Coralli - Jules Perrot
revived by Yvette Chauviré
Conductor David Coleman
Sets and costumes Aleksandr Benois
reworked by Angelo Sala and Cinzia Rosselli



A story of love, betrayal and redemption between merry village festivities and the ghostly flock of the fascinating but ruthless Wilis, Giselle continues to move audiences with its charming narrative and the moving performance of its protagonists. Animating the contrast between a bright and cheerful world and a dark, frightful kingdom populated by spirits, Coralli and Perrot’s unforgettable romantic ballet returns in the rendition of Yvette Chauviré, who – through the refined precision of roles like Giselle – has succeeded in exalting the purity of the classical tradition and making it famous around the globe. The musical accompaniment will be entrusted to the Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala, conducted by David Coleman.