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  • GISELLE  ph Brescia Amisano Teatro alla Scala IMG 3941
  • giselle manni tima ©Andrea Ranzi
  • xxxxx Giselle Jacopo Tissi ph Batyr Annadurdyev   2
  • GISELLE Martina Arduino e Nicola del Freo  qui nel passo a due dei contadini
  • Vittoria Valerio e Claudio Coviello (4)
  • agostino
  • GIselle ph Brescia e Amisano ©Teatro alla Scala  (3)
  • GIselle ph Brescia e Amisano ©Teatro alla Scala  (5)
  • Valery Ovsyanikov
Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 9 to 16 July 2022
Adolphe Adam

Running time: 2 hours 5 minutes ca. intermission included

FIRST ACT 50 minutes / Pause 25 minutes / SECOND ACT 50 minutes 


Teatro alla Scala Production


Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company and Orchestra

Coreography Jean Coralli - Jules Perrot
Revived by Yvette Chauviré
Conductor Valery Ovsianikov
Sets and costumes Aleksandr Benois
Re-elaborated by Angelo Sala and Cinzia Rosselli
Lights Marco Filibeck
Guest Artist Jacopo Tissi (12 and 15 July)

A tale of love, betrayal, and redemption with peasant festivities and the ruthless and fascinating white-clad Willis: Giselle continues to stir emotions with its tender story and the sensitivity of its protagonists in the contrast between a sunlit world and a dark, spirit-populated realm. The romantic ballet by Coralli and Perrot returns in the revival of Yvette Chauviré, whose Giselle has exalted classical ballet in all its purity and made her famous around the world.