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  • Sylvia   Manuel Legris applausi al termine del debutto scaligero  ph Brescia e Amisano ©Teatro alla Scala
  • Kevin Rhodes ph John Robert Williams   Copia
Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
From 11 to 26 May 2022
Léo Delibes

Running time: 2 hours 35 minutes ca. intermission included

FIRST ACT 45 minutes / Pause 25 minutes / SECOND ACT 25 minutes / Pause 25 minutes / THIRD ACT 35 minutes


Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company and Orchestra


Teatro alla Scala Production

Teatro alla Scala and Wiener Staatsballett Coproduction



Manuel Legris

from Louis Mérante and others
Dramaturgy and libretto Manuel Legris and Jean-François Vazelle
from Jules Barbier and baron Jacques de Reinach
Conductor Kevin Rhodes
Sets and costumes Luisa Spinatelli
Sets and costumes assistant Monia Torchia
Lights Jacques Giovanangeli

A great showpiece for the Company, Sylvia by Manuel Legris has given new life to one of the great classics of the nineteenth century, with powerful characters and feats of virtuosity, exalted by Luisa Spinatelli’s décor and costumes. Sylvia ou la Nymphe de Diane debuted at Palais Garnier in 1876 with an extraordinary score by Delibes. In the wake of French tradition, Legris maintains the original spirit, adding a fresh touch to a timeless story of mythological inspiration to appeal to today’s audience.