Women, knights, weapons and... brass

Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
14 November 2022
Teatro alla Scala Brass Quintet
Trumpet Francesco Tamiati
Trumpet Marco Toro
Horn Roberto Miele 
Trombone Daniele Morandini
Bass tuba Javier Castaño Medina

Music by Ewald, Bernstein, Wagner, Puccini, Bellini


Shows written and directed by Mario Acampa


Wagner, Puccini and Bellini: different men, different composers and different worlds. But hidden amidst their operas and their lives is a subtle thread leading from Medieval knightly ballads all the way to the modern day. Starting out almost in jest from the verses of Ariosto before delving into the librettos and biographies of our protagonists, a brass quintet will sketch out the profile of men and characters who at times were valiant "knights" and at other times much less, in a narrative duel fought not with swords but batons.