Molto grazioso, meccanico andante. Mozart and Beethoven: a tale of two geniuses

  • Meloni 671607BADG  ph Brescia e Amisano © Teatro alla Scala1
  • 6 feb Thouand 663511BADG  ph Brescia e Amisano © Teatro alla Scala
Ph. Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano
11 April 2022
Oboe Fabien Thouand
Clarinet Fabrizio Meloni
Bassoon Gabriele Screpis
Horn Jorge Monte De Fez
Piano Emilio Aversano

Music by Scarlatti, Mozart, Beethoven, Citro


Shows written and directed by Mario Acampa


Leggend or fact? Did Mozart and Beethoven ever meet? It seems that 1787 was the fateful year when Mozart granted an audition to a lad of 16... one Ludwig van Beethoven. His opinion? "Quite grazioso, but too mechanical..." Startling new testimony, irrefutable facts, and perhaps a touch of fantasy: anything to bring together two all-time legends of music.