Corporate Prime 2022/2023


Purchasing this exclusive package entitles you to a subscription for the Opening Nights of 10 Opera performances to be chosen among the 13 titles in calendar, with a number of seats to be defined according with the Company's requirements (max. 6 stalls seats or a complete 4-, 5- or 6-seat box). As an alternative to the Opera Season you may wish to purchase a mixed Opera and Ballet subscription.


Benefits include: 


Ticketing benefits

  • Carnet of tickets to be individually distributed to Guests by the Company
  • Pre-emption right on seats for the Opening Night Opera on 7 December
  • Possibility to book additional 6 tickets for each first performance in subscription, with no presale fee.
  • Priority booking on up to 12 tickets for each performance
  • Costless date change 
  • Pre-emption right on seats for Christmas Concert (up to 4 stalls or box seats)


  • Company name mentioned in every programme booklet, in our Season Calendar and on our website with direct link to your Company's website


  • Use of the premises of the Theatre Museum free of charge for the organization of a private Event 
  • Guided Tours in the Theatre before the start of te performance (twice a year)
  • Favorable conditions for the rent of the Galleries Foyer and the Visconti Pavillion (Via Tortona) for the organization of reserved events (20% off)
  • Reserved Corner at the Toscanini Foyer to enjoy a welcome Glass of Bellavista
  • Discounted Best in parking car park fees (65% off on the subscription evenings and 35% off on all other days)
  • La Scala Shop card, entitling to a 10% discount on all the Teatro alla Scala merchandising products
  • Carnet for 1 program booklet for each couple of tickets for Opera or Ballet performance in the subscription series
  • Taxi Service 8585 booked directly in-house
  • Exclusive chance to book up to 20 seats for our "Prima delle Prime" introductive conferences cycle
  • Dedicated Event organized by the Theatre Direction for the Corporate Subscribers after the New Season Press Conference




Box office fee

Seats category

10 Operas 
(free of choice)

5 Operas + 5 Ballets 
(free of choice)

Stalls - one seat




€ 2.190,00 

€ 1.760,00 


€ 1.777,00  
€ 1.436,00  

Box - 6 seats

I-II-III order

IV order


€ 11.670,00 

€ 9.016,00 


€ 9.497,00 

€ 7.411,00 

Box - 5 seats

I-II-III order

IV order


€ 7.606,00 

€ 6.646,00 


€ 6.194,00 

 € 5.493,00 

Box - 4 seats

I-II order

III-IV order


€ 6.873,00  
€ 5.228,00  


€ 5.592,00 

 € 4.319,00 


Sponsorship fee 

The sponsorship fee is 30,000 € + VAT

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